Sunday, 11 September 2016

Ava Tran - Key Assets TVC

Hi Kathleen,

Thought I send you a note to say thank you for giving Ava the opportunity to audition for Key Assets. 
The filming went great on Saturday and Ava enjoyed herself.  She was thoroughly spoilt by the agency with hot chocolate and Kirsty even bought Ava a creative colouring book and pencils.  We both had a great time and well done to superstar of the day adorable young Sam! 
Every one from the entire crew of Light&Shade were just the best and nicest people.  Ava and I are very thankful and thank you to everyone again at Bettina who aligned the opportunity for Ava.  Cheers!

Kindest Regards,

Michelle Tran.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Hollie - Seed shoot

"Just to let you know we attended the shoot for Seed and it was wonderful!! Hollie had a great time and I felt very comfortable. The crew were amazing with all the children and were very helpful. All in all it was a very relaxed session. Thanks to you for instructing me on the different concerns I had raised with you days prior. You are wonderful and I hope Hollie has more sessions in time." - Debra (Hollie's mum)

Wayne, Thomas & Isaiah - TAC TVC

Just at wanted to say a massive thank you to you both. Wayne and the boys had a great time on location for the TAC ad. All the production people were very welcoming and inclusive. The director was very complimentary of the boys which made me a very proud mum.
With a grateful heart

Hunter - Australian Unity TVC

Hi Kathleen,
Just an email to let you know that I have seen the ad Hunter did for Australian Unity!
I have also seen their website which his photo is the background of and a billboard as well!
It's so exciting and he loves seeing the ad and his face around!
Thanks so much!! - Alyssa (Hunter's mum)

Jacob - Kidz Fashion Week

'My experience on the Catwalk was fantastic! Not only up on stage but behind the scenes as well. Being in front of the cameras, lights and audience was so much fun.  Walking up and down the runway knowing that everyone is cheering you on is such a good feeling.  I made lots of friends backstage and the clothes I wore were awesome!
This was my first time on stage and I loved the whole experience.  I can't wait to do it again!'


Lea was phenomenal & I would like to think its one of many more to come,  and on behalf of Lea & myself we are pleased to have Bettina Management on our side and to be a part of your team! Thanks again for a delightful collaboration. :-) - Vlad (Lea's dad)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mako 2 TV Series

Mako 2 TV series

Kim – Mother of Jackson

“Jackson and I were so lucky to experience the shoot for Mako 2. The cast were lovely, friendly, made us feel really comfortable. The scene was at the beach on the Gold Coast, Jackson had to be in a basket alone on beach, then he was found by his mum and dad. All went well. Looking forward to seeing him on TV next year!”